Artist Statement

Cilia-like protrusions radiate outwards into an ocean of liquid glazes. Swirling patterns of flowing paint and metallic pigment settle into a loosely controlled composition. Layers of glazed paint and sediment simulate a depth which reaches beyond the surface. A discovery and manipulation of a technique which captures a chemical process freezing it in time.

My paintings are about a chemical process of approaching paint. I use the paint and viscous oil mediums in a way which is similar to a natural process, though it does not take thousands of years to complete. I focus on how the paint can move and change itself and how I can manipulate that change.

I am interested in experimentation in order to get patterns and textures that are unusual to me. Thinking about paint in a chemical way allows me to create these unfamiliar textures. The process of trial and error granted way for the discovery of an exciting technique which creates iridescent atmospheric designs. By mixing various painting mediums I have developed a blend of liquids that chemically react with each other to create unique patterns and contours. I carefully mix oozing liquids into one another and watch as the forms magically appear and change before my eyes. I observe as my brush moves through the liquid surface signaling a reaction, which I have come to know, and harness as my own. I become mesmerized  twinkling sediments as they emerge and submerge in the pooling liquids.This process of glazing and manipulating the watery chemical layers assists in creating a deep other worldly surface.